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Think you have tasted pasta? well think again. You see there is nothing quite like the gorgeous taste that comes from extremely fresh pasta! You are in luck because with an Imperia Pasta Machine making that great tasting pasta in so, so simple you would be pleasantly surprised – dare I even say very impressed with yourself!

Imperia MachineThe Imperia machine is homemade pasta making at it’s very best, enabling you to easily create endless amounts of lovely delicious pasta dishes from your own kitchen that would rival any fine Italian restaurant. In fact you may even get the whole family involved with making it because it is very FUN!

Why do it the hard way! The Imperia Machine makes all play and hardly no work, with no huge mess to clear up afterwards – just a quick wipe down of the stainless steel machine and you are done – simple. The machine can then be placed back into the cupboard out of the way – did I mention that it is nice and compact so it hardly takes up any room? well that’s the truth the Imperia Machine can be neatly placed back into the box and out of sight – how good is that?

Want thick pasta? want thin pasta? no problem! the Imperia Machine caters for all. Just turn the thickness knob on the side of the machine, feed in the pasta dough, turn the handle and off you go… lots of great looking and tasty pasta comes rolled out ready for you pasta cooking needs. It is so simple everyone will want to have a go because it is so effortless and rewarding to use.

In fact don’t be surprised if your friends and neighbors ask to borrow it – it is that good seriously! Place the machine onto your worktop, attach the clamp provided, tighten up, place in the handle and there you have it… a piece pasta making greatness just waiting for you to stream out lots and lots of gorgeous pasta.

What to expect from the Imperia Machine

  • Ease of use, with full instructions and recipe guide included.
  • Stainless steel construction so nice and study, no wobbling about.
  • Compact design to easy pack away.
  • Effortless maintenance – wipe down to clean with no mess.

The Imperia Machine is still handmade by quality craftsmen at the Imperia factory. The Imperia machines are top quality being held in very high regard around the world. Don’t forget, if you buy from Amazon you can choose from all models available and can get your Imperia Machine with free delivery! Get ready to love pasta again.

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