Imperia Pasta Machine Reviews

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If you are serious about obtaining a quality pasta machine then the Imperia Pasta Machine is a must, it has so many things going for it. Of course I am a great fan but don’t just take my word for it, what are others saying about this great machine?

Imperia Pasta Machine SP150To really find out take a look at Amazon as there are loads of reviews from countless happy customers all commenting on the compact size, the quality build, the ease of use, the great end result. It is without doubt THE most popular in it’s class, with so many people loving their Imperia machine.

Owning one of these machines does not have to be a privilege but it does feel like it!
When you first open it it looks like a design classic – no cheap materials used here, it’s all nice a solid as you would want from a truly well designed and durable pasta machine. The Imperia company have an enviable reputation from quality Italian craftsmanship and design.

As mentioned perviously you can read all the Imperia Pasta Machine reviews on Amazon but I have placed a few here to give you an idea of what is being said;

“The Pasta maker is terrific. small and easy to store.” – J. A. Haggar

“This is a well made pasta machine” – ocertain

“After doing some research I decided for this machine, and I have to say I had fun this weekend doing Pasta at home” – Giuseppe

“Wow, I have used a cheapo machine before and this is light years ahead! I am very happy with the imperia.” – Majka

Imperia Pasta Machine Reviews

Here is a summary of what Imperia Pasta Machine customers have to say;

  • The Imperia Pasta Machine is quick and so easy to use.
  • The best Pasta Machine on the market.
  • Solid and very durable, the Imperia Pasta Machine is very study and is built to last.
  • Effortless action, so smooth and solid, the pasta comes out perfect each and every time.

The list of great comments continues with so many people just full of absolute praise for their Imperia Pasta Machine it is no wonder it is the world’s renowned number one pasta machine for fresh pasta making.


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