Imperia Machine Pasta Making Guidelines

The Imperia Machine is a beautifully simple machine to use and enables you to make perfect homemade pasta with such ease. To make that perfect pasta here are some easy to follow steps to help you achieve the best pasta from the Imperia machine…

No. 1  Opt for the Imperia Machine

Imperia Pasta MachineBiased in my opinion? Well yes, but whilst there are many pasta machines out there in the market, the Imperia machine wins hand down each and every time – there are so many customer reviews championing the Imperia machine over everything else that you don’t have to take my word for it.

Don’t believe me? Head over to Amazon and have a good read through the reviews and comments and you will be convinced that these Imperia Machines are second to none.

No. 2  As simple as can be

The beauty of the Imperia Pasta Machine is it’s effortless cleaning – no taking complicated pieces apart to remove that last piece of pasta dough hiding, no turning over to inspect the underside hasn’t got covered in a mess… with the Imperia machine it’s just one wipe and you are done. So mount, roll, and wipe down… you are all done!

No. 3  Rolling great pasta

Which pasta type do you require? with the Imperia machine you can effortlessly roll out tagliatelle pasta, farfalle pasta, sheet pasta – the list goes on. The steady and smooth rolling action of the Imperia machine means that you can quickly and easily roll out the perfect pasta time and time again – it makes the process a breeze.

Imperia Machine Guidelines

For best results here are a few steps to making sure you have the perfect pasta with the Imperia machine.

  • Secure the machine tightly to your worktop using the clamp provided.
  • Adjust the width adjustment knob on the side to set the desired pasta width to start with – generally you would set to the widest first and then gradually take the setting down on each pass.
  • Don’t forget to read the recipe book that come with machine for great instructions for making good pasta dough.
  • And lastly enjoy yourself, the Imperia machine is so easy that the process of making pasta become great fun. In fact you may even have competition with everybody else wanting to have a go!

Homemade pasta is delicious and once you have made your own you want want to go back to the shop bought variety as they just don’t compare. The Imperia machine makes homemade pasta a very easy and very fun experience with no fuss, no mess, no complications. You can turn around great pasta effortlessly with speed with an Imperia machine.

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