Why Choose an Imperia Pasta Machine

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Imperia Pasta Machine is the easiest way to make fresh, dilicious pasta in your own home.

Imperia Pasta Machine makes home pasta making a breeze! The impressive little machine creates fresh and delicious pasta in a simple and very effective way that is so easy it almost becomes a challenge to keep others in the kitchen from wanting to have a go because it is also FUN!

imperia pasta machine

imperia pasta machine

Imperia have been producing these high quality machines since the 1920’s and are made with precision engineering in their factory in Italy. Favored for many generations the devices are still in very popular demand with some claiming them to be the best on the market no less. Made from quality steel with heavy duty chrome plating they are definitely built to last, if you have ever seen one you will instantly be impressed with its sturdiness and precise build quality. Working the machine is simplicity in itself, setting the depth by turning the knob and turn the handle and you are on your way with no wobbly wheels, no lose rattles just great results quickly and painlessly. The machine has two 15cm stainless steel rollers (so it will produce sheets of pasta 15cm wide). The dough is passed through the rollers repeatedly, closing down the gap each time until the desired thickness is reached. When your done just wipe it down and put it away it’s that easy. It’s small size makes storage really easy too!

If you have never tasted fresh pasta then you are in for a real treat as nothing compares to it’s taste, texture and freshness, plus you have satisfaction that you made it yourself! The Imperia pasta maker is a great choice with it’s no fuss, no mess functionality – making lasagna? No problem! making tagliatelle? No problem! feed in the dough, turn the handle until you reached the desired thickness, clip in the cutter attachment and there you have it – what could be simpler?

With the Imperia Pasta Machine you can finally make delicious and fantastic homemade pasta like a true Italian!


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